Gluten Free Menu

Looking for Gluten Free? We at The Kewdale Tavern offer more gluten free options than any pub in Perth!

Roughly 98% of our menu can be adapted to a gluten free version. From a Parmi to Steak Sandwich, Fish and Chips to Pad Tahi; there are plenty of different options for you to choose from and the best thing is we don’t charge any extra. We also have a great selection of Gluten Free beers not only for purchase in the Bottle shop but to enjoy within the venue.

Please always let a staff member know you require Gluten Free so that we may ensure your meal is prepared to our standards.

Glutenfree Restaurant perth

The Kewdale Tavern is a member of Coeliac WA, providing the most extensive range of Gluten Free meals in Perth.  
As a member of Coeliac WA we are entrusted to set a very high standard in our knowledge of preparation and delivery of all Gluten Free meals.

These include:

  •          Clearly marked menu. Gluten Free Option (GFO) and Gluten Free (GF)
  •          Well trained food and beverage staff and Chefs with excellent knowledge of coeliac disease
  •          Separate fryers
  •          Separate food preparation area
  •          Separate utensils
  •          Separate bread boards

If you are looking to have your function here at the Kewdale Tavern, Our Chefs are happy to provide you with a customised Gluten Free function menu. Please contact us on 9353 1100 for more information.